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ends 31 Mar 2021, 11:59 PM
ODT Arts Education, comprises of ODT Arts Faculty and ODT Arts4yoUths, provides leadership and niche capabilities towards excellence in arts and dance education. It aims to unleash the potential of one's arts to being fundamentally instrumental as vehicles of knowledge. ODT Arts Education programmes are integral to life where function, creation and learning are intertwined through the methods of learning different disciplines.

The campaign will support the development, production and training programmes for youths & adult learners in Singapore's schools. New innovative and instructional curriculum will be developed to further benefit students from youths-at-risks and students from low-income family background.

Programme highlights to be delivered at ODT Arts Education:
- Festivals (Arts Education Fiesta & Go, Grow, Glow Series)
- Corporate Training Programmes
- Teacher Training Programmes
- Dancer Training Programmes
- Internships
- Talent Excellence Training Programmes
- School Curriculum Programme
- Dance Enrichment

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About the Charity

Founded in 1999 by Singaporean Dr Danny Tan, Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT Ltd) is one of Asia Pacific's foremost professional arts (dance) organisations.

ODT Ltd has astounded 'glocal' audiences with the vision and ambition of its works exhibit utmost commitment to professionalism and innovation. ODT Ltd has earned wide respect for its prolific profile in delivering numerous impressive initiatives and productions that have impacted many people's lives in the arts, education, social, creative, corporate and global sectors. In addition to its pursuit of arts (dance) excellence, ODT Ltd's remarkable records have demonstrated their passion and determination in engaging 'glocal' audiences.

A strong advocate of authentic Singaporean dance works produced by its own dance company - Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT), ODT Ltd has represented Singapore as cultural ambassador at notable festivals, conferences, arts markets and cultural exchanges. Building our nation's rapport with countries, embassies, cultural institutions and artists around the world, ODT Ltd has extended its cultural diplomacy across the Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas.

ODT Ltd thrives with distinctive initiatives by its 6 divisions - ODT International, ODT Arts Education, ODT Cares, ODT Arts Hub, ODT Gives & ODT Dance (ODT Dance Companies & ODT Associate Companies), supported by ODT Gem - Home of ODT Ltd.


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