How Your Donation Makes a Difference

About Us

O School Ltd (IPC, Charity), a performing arts centre, was established as a social enterprise in 2006 with the support of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports' (MCYS) ComCare Enterprise Fund.

In O School, we always believed that dance could be a livelihood for passionate souls in the community. In recent years, we have identified and developed many youth dance talents in the Singapore dance market, so as to build sustainable careers for these talents.

It goes without saying that our students have benefited tremendously through our events, so much so that some of them have even emerged as leaders of their dance communities, giving back to the local scene through none other than dance.

Till this day, O School continues to strive to provide more platforms and avenues for dancers to flaunt their skills, whilst earning an income for themselves.

Our Programmes

In 2018, O School has scheduled the following programmes:

1) September to October - Dana Foglia Intensive Development Programme
2) July to August - Super 24
3) December - Love For Dance (L4D) Varsity Camp
4) All year round - Six.5 School Assembly Development Tour

We humbly request your support for our productions/events, programmes and/or camps. Your support will no doubt make a difference, providing youths the enhanced opportunity to explore their creativity, allowing more room for innovation.

These donations will be utilized specifically for the benefit of the youths. In return for your investment(s), O School will continue to commit to creating more platforms for opportunities and development of our youths, the future leaders of tomorrow.

Our Wish List


Looking forward to spicing up your venue with some joyfulness?

We are looking for sponsors for accommodation collaboration for our artiste's stay and post production parties!


Support 'A COMMON SPACE TO GROW' by providing us with food/bento sponsorship, for our event crews and participants.


We are also actively looking for prize sponsors to provide products/merchandises from their organization, as rewards for the winners.

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