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About Us

O'Joy Care Services was awarded the Charity Transparency Awards and Charity Governance Awards with Special Commendation for Operational Efficiency in 2019.

O'Joy Care Services was founded in early 2004 amidst emerging trends of ageing population, by a group of social workers and professional counsellors who recognised the need for prevention and early intervention of mental health issues associated with ageing, and to promote healthy ageing among seniors. We have provided quality professional counselling and clinical case management services to over 5,600 clients since 2004.

From Sep 2013 till date, another of our flagship program - Health-Oriented Ageing (HOA) continues to flourish. Reaching out to senior residents in the Upper Boon Keng area, this community programme engages our seniors in exercises, singing, wushu, anklung and visual arts over five days a week. Such community learning opportunities enable our seniors to keep physically and mentally active, make new friends and learn new skills, defying the stereotype that age is the limit. With training, active HOA members are empowered to volunteer as facilitators for the program. This truly light up the spirit of senior for senior.

We very much depend on your support and donation to continue providing for our seniors.

Thank you for empowering us to continue serving seniors in need.

Our Programmes

Counselling for Older Persons

This programme aims to help distressed elderly persons and their family members overcome their emotional and psychological difficulties. It is designed for anyone aged 50 and above, and their family members.

Our counselling sessions can be conducted in English, Mandarin or local dialects in confidence. The sessions can also be arranged individually or between family members.

Community Mental Health Intervention Team (COMIT)

Our COMIT programme is catered to persons at-risk-of, or diagnosed with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or dementia.

Through individualised assessment and interventions, help our beneficiaries manage their conditions so that they can live happy and fulfilling lives.

We also provide care coordination, education and training so caregivers can better equip themselves with the skills to care for their family members.

Health Oriented Ageing (HOA)

A community programme targeted at elderly aged 50 and above living in and around Upper Boon Keng area, we conduct activities to improve the physical and mental health of elderly persons through a myriad of activities.

Conducted five days a week, the programme will also improve our beneficiaries' social situations and forge a social network whereby they can keep a lookout for one another. Our team of professionals are ready to intervene if there are red flags concerning our beneficiaries' emotional and psychological health.
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