About Campaign

ends 31 Mar 2019, 11:59 PM
As an IPC, NUHS Fund Limited's public fund raising efforts is directed towards raising funds to benefit the Singapore community. On a private basis, donations may be raised to assist patients who are not members of the Singapore community and who require financial assistance. These gifts do not receive any tax deductions.

This private fundraising effort is initiated by a group of kind hearted individuals who want to help children with the costs of their treatment/medication. This section is created purely to facilitate the collection of donations as a result of this private fundraising initiative. You should only be using this section if you are one of the individuals who have been contacted specifically to contribute to this cause.

About the Charity

NUHS Fund Limited is a charity fund established to promote all medical and health-related services that are exclusively charitable and for the benefit of the Singapore community. A key objective is to address unmet gaps not covered by existing government and community assistance schemes and to assist patients who are determined to be in need of financial assistance with the costs of medical treatments, including the costs of the recovery process.

NUHS Fund Limited relies on the support of benefactors and donors, and every dollar donated goes in its entirety to fund these unmet gaps faced by our beneficiaries and their families.

Website Link : https://www.nuhs.edu.sg/Make-a-Gift/Pages/NUHS-Fund-Limited.aspx


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.