Journey Up North

Volunteering is simple. Sometimes, opportunities to give can be found right in your backyard. Yishun has gotten a bit of a bad rep lately. So for her last task, we challenged our Rookie Volunteer, Joyce, to find some good in our Northern neighbourhoods. This is what she discovered!

Below are some opportunities spotlighted for you to start your Giving Party: 


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Here at, we want to make giving simple, fun and meaningful for you. You can choose to give with us in so many ways. Give your time by volunteering, treasure in the form of donations, or even talent in your skills to empower non profit organisations (NPOs). Super givers? Start a campaign with us and rally your fellow giving community. The possibilities are endless! In the north side of Singapore, explore many other charities and ground up movements like Ground Up Initiative (GUI) in the Yishun area or Project Chulia Street's aim of feeding and celebrating 8,000 migrant workers. You can even empower charities supporting family, community and children such as Sembawang Family Service Centre, Sunlove Home, or Nam Hong Welfare Service Society which provides free TCM services for the disadvantaged among other services. 

You can even do some volunteering work, and volunteer your skills as a singer or music instrument player for Yishun Community Hospital, participate in fundraising activities for Breast Cancer Foundation, or even purchase movie tickets for our migrant workers (or yourself / your family / your staff) to watch a movie and support TWC2's (Transient Workers Count Too) cause!