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ends 08 Mar 2020, 11:59 PM
Today is Yuan Xiao Jie, which marks the final day of the Lunar New Year celebrations. It is traditionally a festival to spend time with family and friends, and also known as Chinese Valentine's Day! We chose to launch our food donation drive on this special date for many of you who support us are animal lovers, be it your own pet or the stray charges we help.

For those who already have a pet at home, you have found your love and we hope you can spread the love to the numerous dogs under our care whether they are in our Jurong Island shelter, housed at a boarding place or still on the streets. We might not be able to find everyone a home, but we sure can give them bowls of good food!

There are about 300-400 dogs still on Jurong Island, slightly more than half of which are staying at our shelter at the far end of the island. We have been caring for the dogs and cats at a few industrial estates on mainland too over the past decade plus (and will continue to do so). We mainly focus on sterilization and rescue for we strongly believe sterilization is the key to have less animals on the streets.

Food and medicals are our main expenses, and we believe so for every other shelter too. Hill's has kindly agreed to match the donation of each bag of food purchased for us. With a lower expense for food, we can thus spare more precious funds for veterinary use.

Every donation is precious to us and please continue to help us help the street animals out there, thank you!

About the Charity

NA CARES was registered in 2005 to undertake sterilization projects of both stray dogs and cats in Singapore, rehome adoptable strays, and to ensure the welfare of animals sent to Noahs Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) by assisting in the fund raising efforts for NANAS in Malaysia. Since then, NA CARES has sterilized an average of 150 animals each year in Singapore, through the dedicated hard work of its Singapore volunteers and vets.

In 2015, NA CARES was asked to participate in the Trap-Neuter-Relocate project in Jurong Island, together with ASD and SOSD. In recognition of our efforts, MCCY granted NA CARES charity status on 9.5.2016. With conferment of charitable status comes greater regulation and requirements imposed on NA CARES, and we have been asked to separate the Singapore from the Malaysian activities.

NA CARES has been re-organised to reflect its Singapore-centric activities. A new logo has been introduced so that supporters are aware that NA CARES is no longer involved with any of the Malaysian activities of NANAS.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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