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ends 31 May 2018, 11:59 PM
Some injured dogs are extremely shy and we are unable to get them in time to treat their injuries which they eventually succumb to. This is the story of Jimmy, whom we thought we could finally help.

Jimmy being bullied by quite a few alpha male dogs during his time in our care. He has many battle scars on him and would not dare to approach us in view of the other dogs. Over time he grew closer to a few workers caring for him.

We have been keeping an eye on him for a long time due to a huge lump growing at his underbelly. This large, red and irregular shape started to concern us. He needed a vets inspection, and we already anticipating an operation. One of the workers who knew how to handle Jimmy assisted us to get him to the vet.

The vet confirmed Jimmy needed an operation. The blood test results were good, and the operation went ahead. The treatment was done to remove the lump. But just as the surgery was being wrapped and the vet slowly waking Jimmy up, he went into cardiac arrest. They tried to resuscitate him but to no avail.

We were in shock. We really wanted to help him, yet the outcome was not what we expected. This losing Jimmy was so unexpected.

Even though Jimmy did not survive, the bills have already been incurred as surgery was performed and completed. We hope to get your help in offsetting part of his bill

About the Charity

NA CARES was registered in 2005 to undertake sterilization projects of both stray dogs and cats in Singapore, rehome adoptable strays, and to ensure the welfare of animals sent to Noahs Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary (NANAS) by assisting in the fund raising efforts for NANAS in Malaysia. Since then, NA CARES has sterilized an average of 150 animals each year in Singapore, through the dedicated hard work of its Singapore volunteers and vets.

In 2015, NA CARES was asked to participate in the Trap-Neuter-Relocate project in Jurong Island, together with ASD and SOSD. In recognition of our efforts, MCCY granted NA CARES charity status on 9.5.2016. With conferment of charitable status comes greater regulation and requirements imposed on NA CARES, and we have been asked to separate the Singapore from the Malaysian activities.

NA CARES has been re-organised to reflect its Singapore-centric activities. A new logo has been introduced so that supporters are aware that NA CARES is no longer involved with any of the Malaysian activities of NANAS.


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