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ends 31 Mar 2016, 11:59 PM
Since in 2012 the emergence of Nine Years Theatre (NYT), which focuses on high quality Mandarin plays with English surtitles, a little more colour is added to the local Mandarin theatre scene. A number of its performances were sold out. Audience goes in to the theatre expecting well-crafted solid acting and high quality productions, and they were not disappointed.

NYT is committed to long-term regular actor training, and holds various classes periodically. It also organises the SMAT and Viewpoints Jam which is an open platform, providing a space for theatre artists who know either of the 2 training methods above to practise.

In order to become a major player in the Singapore theatre scene, NYT needs your help to grow.

About the Charity

Nine Years Theatre is a Singapore Mandarin theatre company that loves to dream up game-changing ways to do things. Since the beginning, we have insisted on the hard route of investing time and effort in training our actors, so that we can create works that feel integrated because of consistency and grounded-ness. We believe in entertaining our audience, but in ways that are honest and thoughtful. We present Mandarin productions with English surtitles. They are often described as culturally challenging, emotionally universal and full of care for humanity. Our works have therefore always allowed us to connect with audiences from all backgrounds. We like to busy ourselves with ideas on how to engage our audiences beyond performances, and to share our knowledge with the larger community. We are also very interested in finding ways to dialogue with local and international counterparts through difficult but meaningful collaboration.

What Are Our Beliefs?
- That we will not create without training, and that we will train in order to create.
- That our work will always benefit from it being difficult to make.
- That the audience should not merely consume art, but be given the opportunity to discuss art.
- That Theatre is always about people.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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