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Nine Years Theatre is a Singapore Mandarin theatre company.

The company focuses on the re-imagination of classic work and the creation of new work. Our Mandarin productions (with English surtitles) have attracted audiences from all backgrounds with their consistency in quality and a cultural sensibility in translation and adaptation.

Nine Years Theatre has a strong emphasis on actor training, our works are therefore often being described as grounded in the actors' art. We are the only company in Singapore that works with an ensemble of actors that train regularly on a long-term basis via systematic methods. Furthermore, we also share these training methods and philosophy with the community through classes and open training platforms.

The company explores ways of holding dialogue sessions with the audience in order to engage them beyond the productions. Our efforts are rooted in the belief that audiences should not merely consume art, but be offered an opportunity to discuss art.


NYT runs 2 productions a year, performing Mandarin plays with English surtitles. Performed titles include:
- Who's Afraid of Virgina Woolf?
- Twelve Angry Men
- An Enemy of the People
- Tartuffe
- The Lower Depths
- Red Demon
- Red Sky
In between productions, we teach a number of classes including:
- Suzuki Method of Actor Training
- Viewpoints
- Mandarin Diction and Speech
- Fundamental Knowledge of Stage Directing

We also engage our audience with lectures and discussions under our audience sharing platform, and with "Drink and Talk" post-show dialogues.


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