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June's* story, Power of Faith tells the tale of her harrowing escape from the gallows and how she felt like her family's prayers saved her. The five years that she spent in prison was incredibly difficult on her relationship with her son as she felt like she wasn't doing enough for him. Through our befriending programme, her son was visited by volunteers who read and played with him at his home every week! He saw the volunteers as a gift from his mother to him - this helped to renew their relationship!

Riahna* found solace in a group of drug abusers after feeling abandoned by her family. After serving three terms in prison, Riahna realised that she already had people who loved and needed her, her two boys. Her book, Together We Grow, talks about how all she really needs is the love and warmth from her two boys to help her grow.

Love Beyond the Walls is full of heartwarming stories written by mothers to their children. This book helps our families heal broken bonds and encourage them to look forward to life beyond the prison walls. With your support, you can rebuild the relationship between mother and and child, and help them start their lives anew.

You can double the difference you make! Donate to us by 31 December 2021 and your donation will be doubled by Tote Board's Enhanced Fund-Raising dollar-for-dollar programme!

About the Charity

New Life Stories was established in 2014 to prevent intergenerational incarceration. New Life Stories is an IPC (Institution of Public Character) that aims to provide children of incarcerated parents with essential reading and pro-social skills to ensure that they are not left behind in their crucial early years of development.

New Life Stories has put in place a holistic strategy targeted at providing support to children of the incarcerated and their families. The programmes aim to provide these children with educational and emotional stability so that they can have a fairer start in school. Their parents are also supported by our customised in-prison programmes to prepare them for their release and to give them the reassurance to successfully reintegrate back into society. New Life Stories also educates and guides the families by providing them with essential tools to be self-sufficient.

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