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ends 30 Jun 2020, 11:59 PM
When the circuit breaker was introduced on 7 April 2020, many of our families had shared their fears that this would exacerbate their current financial issues and living standards. These families have already been experiencing a drastic loss of income since the start of the year and are worried about the subsequent impact to their livelihood with the recent introduction of the extension.

This campaign aims to raise funds to support 100 families by providing them with financial assistance during this difficult period. We will be providing these families with cash donation via e-transfers to help tide them over the circuit breaker.

The funds will help support families like Jumeirah who has been undergoing a lot of stress since the start of the pandemic. Jumeirah's husband works for a dormitory which has been classified as an isolation centre after a few of its residents were confirmed to test positive for COVID-19. He immediately takes a shower and his clothes are washed as soon as he comes back home. They have also taken the liberty to avoid leaving the house at all cost including to visit their grandmother who lives in the unit opposite them.

Although they are struggling during this circuit breaker period, she is thankful and content that they get to spend their evenings together as a family.

Check out our social media pages to see how the funds are being utilised by the families. Together, we can overcome this.

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New Life Stories is a charity that provides children of incarcerated mothers with vital home-based quality reading and pre-school education in Singapore.


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