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About Us

New Life Stories was established in 2014 to prevent intergenerational incarceration. New Life Stories is an IPC (Institution of Public Character) that aims to provide children of incarcerated parents with essential reading and pro-social skills to ensure that they are not left behind in their crucial early years of development.

New Life Stories has put in place a holistic strategy targeted at providing support to children of the incarcerated and their families. The programmes aim to provide these children with educational and emotional stability so that they can have a fairer start in school. Their parents are also supported by our customised in-prison programmes to prepare them for their release and to give them the reassurance to successfully reintegrate back into society. New Life Stories also educates and guides the families by providing them with essential tools to be self-sufficient.

All monetary donations above SGD50 are entitled to a tax deduction of 250% of your donation amount.

Our Programmes

Our Four Pillars
Befriender programme
We believe that education is the most effective tool to prevent intergenerational incarceration. At New Life Stories, we provide reading and learning opportunities so that every child can have a fairer start in life.

In-care programme
Our programmes are designed to educate the incarcerated with parenting skills so that they can enrich their child's lives and better reintegrate into society.

Family Care & Therapy
Upholding relationships within the family is integral for both parent and child to build a strong and lasting relationship. We aim to encourage healthy communication within the family to eventually build connectedness and strengthen the family unit.

Case Management
We provide our families with tools to give them the confidence to empower themselves and eventually reach a state of self-efficacy.

Here at New Life Stories, we strongly believe that familial relationships are essential to the rehabilitation of inmates. We encourage the building and rebuilding of connections between the incarcerated and their families to ensure that the bond between them is not lost in spite of their situation.
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