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ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
What can you spend with your 20SGD? Buffet lunch? Movie ticket? How about helping children who struggle in reading?

#20in2020 campaign aims to raise 20,000SGD from 1,000 donors who can donate 20SGD each to support 200 children in Steady Readers (SR) Programme. SR is an intervention programme for children who are reading below their academic level.

Studies consistently show that reading proficiency is highly correlated with a child's academic success, social skills, and character development. In Singapore, there are children who are struggling to read at their academic level. They typically come from low income families and from non-English speaking home environment.

"Our family moved to Singapore from Malaysia a few years ago. As a foreigner without having English as the first language, my daughter Sophia*, found it difficult to catch up in school. This affected her self confidence. She felt intimidated when speaking out and had low self esteem. But since she enrolled in SR, I observed she became more confident in expressing herself. She can now communicate well with her peers without feeling shy or intimated. Thank you, SR for helping her improve!" shared Anna*, mother of Sophia.
*names were changed to protect identity

20/7:The programme has resumed online.
3/9: We are thankful that we have reached the target! Continue to support the next generation by donating to our youth work campaign "Every Youth Needs a Mentor".

About the Charity

New Life Community Services is a social service agency committed to serve children, youth and senior citizens in the community regardless of race and religion. We are an IPC and a member of the National Council of Social Services.

We operate three childcare centres, three student care centres and two youth hubs with an emphasis on imparting life skills and character values to the next generation. We conduct literacy and character mentoring programmes for disadvantaged children, as well as after-school engagement programmes for youths. We also run active ageing programmes to support the needs of the elderly, an often isolated and marginalised group in society.

We also believe in improving the situations of marginalised families with schooling children so that the latter will be adequately supported as they grow up. To that end, we provide families with financial assistance, casework management and counselling to address financial and social issues.

In 2022, we nurtured 923 children, mentored 325 youths, enabled 185 seniors, and financially assisted 408 individuals and families, thanks to the generous support of donors, sponsors and fundraisers like yourselves.

Please visit www.newlife.org.sg for more info.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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