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About Us

New Life Community Services is a social service agency committed to serve children, youth and senior citizens in the community regardless of race and religion. We are an IPC and a member of the National Council of Social Services.

We operate three childcare centres, three student care centres and two youth hubs with an emphasis on imparting life skills and character values to the next generation. We conduct literacy and character mentoring programmes for disadvantaged children, as well as after-school engagement programmes for youths. We also run active ageing programmes to support the needs of the elderly, an often isolated and marginalised group in society.

We also believe in improving the situations of marginalised families with schooling children so that the latter will be adequately supported as they grow up. To that end, we provide families with financial assistance, casework management and counselling to address financial and social issues.

In 2022, we nurtured 923 children, mentored 325 youths, enabled 185 seniors, and financially assisted 408 individuals and families, thanks to the generous support of donors, sponsors and fundraisers like yourselves.

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Our Programmes

1) Steady Readers Programme (SR) is a literacy intervention programme established since 2006 for K2 to P4 children. Besides literacy and comprehension skills, SR also aims to build children's confidence in reading, speaking and presenting so that they will be able to excel academically and socially.

2) Kids Champ Club (KCC) is a character development programme for P1 to P4 children with behavioural issues. KCC imparts good character values to children so that they become good role models at home and in school.

Our drop-in centres provide a safe space for youths to develop their character and grow in a positive and communal environment. Mentoring relationships are intentionally developed through fun activities, skill-based programmes and camps.

We also partner with schools in the community to run After School Engagement and UPLIFT Programmes that focus on social-emotional competencies.

Project Love is New Life's direct financial assistance scheme to ensure that no child is deprived of basic education due to financial hardship. Project Love provides casework and counselling to family units and ensures that children and youths are kept in the education system.

HAPPY Seniors at Blk 419 is a series of active ageing programmes conducted at New Life centres. Located in Bukit Panjang, HAPPY Seniors aims to keep seniors actively engaged through interest activities and connected to a community of social support.
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