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(NOTE: Funds received on this page will go towards NCCS Cancer Fund for the purpose of providing cancer patient support.)

At NCCS, our care for cancer patients go beyond medical treatment. Over the years, we have been assisting patients and their families with financial aid and psychosocial support in our efforts to improve care.

A cancer diagnosis can exert immense psychological and financial strain on both patients and caregivers. We see close to 65% of public sector cancer patients in Singapore and the number patients seeking financial aid at NCCS continues to rise. About 45% of these needy patients are living with an average household income of less than $600.

The financial support from NCCS Cancer Fund allow us to provide assistance such as transport fees (especially for those who are on active treatment), emergency relief and mobility aid to needy patients. The utilisation of these funds have increased as they are an important lifeline for patients waiting for approval of financial and care assistance from community organizations.

As we focus on providing quality patient-centered care and continuous research, we need the community's help and support to strive towards a cancer-free tomorrow. With your help, we can continue to advance supportive care for patients in our local community and allow them to focus on their treatment and recovery.

Thank you for your kindness and donation!

About the Charity

Someone in Singapore is diagnosed with cancer every hour. For many, a cancer diagnosis is an emotional and difficult time. The NCCS Cancer Fund (NCCSCF) helps support the fight against cancer by providing financial assistance for needy patients, ensuring sufficient funding for NCCS scientists and clinicians to continue their work in cancer research and promotes cancer education for healthcare professionals and the general public.

NCCS helps over 26,000 cancer patients each year. From the moment they are diagnosed and throughout their treatment we are with them, providing the very best care, by the best people, in the best place.

Donate today and help us give hope to people with cancer.

All donations received are managed by SingHealth Fund (SHF), an institution of Public Character (UEN 201624016E).
All donors are required to provide their Tax Reference number (e.g. NRIC/FIN/UEN where applicable) to enjoy tax deduction. The donation will be automatically included in the donor's IRAS tax assessment. As such, we will not be sending any official receipt, unless upon written request by the donor.

Please note that donations must be made before 15 December for processing and be included in time for tax assessment in the same year.


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