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ends 31 Mar 2018, 11:59 PM
Wan Petom Haris is no ordinary human being. Wan's story is one of great courage amidst great challenges.

What started off as a chronic backache in March 2016, begun a 5 month whirlwind of visits to multiple doctors, scans, tests, examinations, investigations and consultations. In August 2016, Wan wan initially diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer - however, that was just the beginning. Further scans done on her bones and organs found that cancer cells had spread to her liver, spleen, spine and ribs. The prognosis? Stage 4 cancer and the doctor estimated that Wan would live for another 6 months.

Despite the challenges, Wan fights on for the sake of her son - Cali. "I pamper him now because I don't know how long I can pamper him for".

This year, Run for Hope also celebrates a special milestone - our 25th Year Anniversary. Wan has a fearsome fighting spirit - and is an ambassador for Run for Hope - the run for cancer awareness and research.

Wan's message of hope and fighting spirit to cancer sufferers: "Don't give up! 'HOPE' stands for 'Hold On, Pain Ends'."

About the Charity

Established in 2005, the NCC Research Fund supports innovative research to find the breakthroughs that will change how we understand, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure cancer. With cancer research and care under one roof at the National Cancer Centre Singapore, the knowledge gained from patient-centric research fuels advancement in clinical care, which in turn provides knowledge that drives research. We firmly believe that today's research will pave the way for tomorrow's cure for cancer. Please note that in the event that the donations made for a specific purpose/project: (i) Are less than the minimum $10,000 to support an existing project OR (ii) Has no new applicable project after a 2-year waiting period, the NCC Research Fund Board of Trustees reserves the right to channel these donations to the Fund's general pool in support of other worthy research projects.


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