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ends 05 Jun 2019, 11:59 PM
Project RESOLUTE: Research to improve diagnosis and treatments for Cancers of the Colon, Rectum, Liver, Stomach, Pancreas, Bile duct and Neuroendocrine.

Cancers affecting the digestive tract are the commonest cancers in Singapore - more than 3,500 Singaporeans are diagnosed yearly. Over the last 2 decades, research has resulted in improved diagnostic tests, treatment methods and clinical outcomes for patients. Still, more needs to be done!

We are medical oncologists from National Cancer Centre Singapore who take care of patients with gut cancers. We also do research with leading edge technologies to comprehensively study patients' tumors in order to develop new diagnostic tests and innovative treatments to control or eradicate the cancers. Through research, we can help our patients receive the right drugs at the right time and "translate" important science discoveries to benefit our patients.

We have raised $60,000 so far, thanks to your support but there is still much research work to do! $415,000 is needed annually to conduct this research ($1.25million over 3 years) which will help our team address some of the most pressing needs of our patients. Help us improve care and provide better quality of life through our research. Your support will move us closer towards a cure for these cancers!

About the Charity

Established in 2005, the NCC Research Fund supports innovative research to find the breakthroughs that will change how we understand, diagnose, treat and ultimately cure cancer. With cancer research and care under one roof at the National Cancer Centre Singapore, the knowledge gained from patient-centric research fuels advancement in clinical care, which in turn provides knowledge that drives research. We firmly believe that today's research will pave the way for tomorrow's cure for cancer. Please note that in the event that the donations made for a specific purpose/project: (i) Are less than the minimum $10,000 to support an existing project OR (ii) Has no new applicable project after a 2-year waiting period, the NCC Research Fund Board of Trustees reserves the right to channel these donations to the Fund's general pool in support of other worthy research projects.


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