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About Us

We deliver innovative projects to ensure a healthy & resilient environment in Singapore.

With roots stretching as far back as 1921, the Nature Society (Singapore) is the leading voice for nature in Singapore. Our mission is to protect our native biodiversity and engage people with their environment.

We work hard to protect natural spaces in Singapore where wildlife thrives, and where people can experience and enjoy nature close at hand.

Our Programmes

Connecting Singaporean's with nature, particularly younger generations.
A child's relationship with nature will form their views into adulthood. As the leaders of tomorrow, it is vital that the relationship is positive.

Deepening scientific understanding of nature
We know so much about nature, but there are still huge knowledge gaps. Our projects bring Singaporeans together to identify threats to nature, and how best to address them.

Advocating for nature conservation
We are your voice for nature. We champion nature at every opportunity, and back our arguments up with strong evidence.
  • Animal Welfare
  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Environment

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Nature Society (Singapore)

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