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ends 31 Mar 2022, 11:59 PM
For sufferers, arthritis is a constant pain that is difficult to endure and can render even the simplest of tasks like opening doors, impossible to do. Though more commonly affecting the aged, it can afflict the young, even as early as 6 months old.

Hear the stories of An Na, the mother of a 9-year old child suffering from arthritis, or Ryan a 20-something young man, and Nina who fought with arthritis for half her life.

Many need help to cope with Arthritis so that they can live normal meaningful lives, but treatment costs can be very substantial, even up to over $30,000 per year, making such treatments unattainable for many. As the financial help provided by Government's Medisave, Medifund and other schemes may not be sufficient to cover these costs, NAF provides financial support to help needy patients defray these costs.

To them, and the many Singaporeans who are going through similar pain, NAF is the only recourse to seek help, either through medical subsidises, maintenance assistance, patient empowerment or even just to talk to someone who understands what they are going through.

During this difficult period, more than ever, we need to reach out to generous souls like you for help.

Together, let's fight Arthritis.

About the Charity

The National Arthritis Foundation (NAF) was set up in 1984 as a charitable body and conferred the status of an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) in 1985. It is the main public organisation in Singapore devoted to helping Arthritis sufferers, educating our community on living better with Arthritis and providing medical subsidies to underprivileged Arthritis patients.


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