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ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
NKF provides higher subsidies to better support 1,500 patients. At NKF, we are serving over 3,800 haemodialysis patients at our 37 dialysis centres island wide. Currently 46% of them are paying $0 every month for dialysis out-of-pocket, despite the monthly dialysis fees of over $2,000. Since 1 July 2020, another 1,500 patients are receiving higher subsidies for dialysis and medication which translates to substantial cost savings of up to $2,688 yearly to tide them through the economic uncertainties.

One patient who is benefiting from the higher subsidies is 74 year-old Mr Chin Hap Hin. He previously had to pay about $544 a month for his dialysis after subsidies and reimbursement from medical insurance. With the higher subsidies, he only has to pay about $317, which amounts to a substantial savings of $2,700 a year.

Said Mr Chin, "Both my wife and I are unemployed and I am suffering from many other medical conditions apart from kidney failure. I also have ear and eye problems, diabetes, hypertension and Parkinson's disease. I not only have to pay for my dialysis treatment but also other medical expenses. My wife also suffers from hypertension and requires medication and regular check-ups. The savings from the higher subsidies will help us greatly to pay for our medical bills."

We will continue journeying with patients every step in their rehabilitation to better support them with affordable and sustainable dialysis treatment and medication amid the rising cost of living.

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The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) remains deeply committed to journeying with kidney failure patients every step of the way in their treatment and rehabilitative care, advocating kidney health to prevent kidney failure and making a difference in the renal landscape to benefit the community.

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