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ends 31 Dec 2017, 11:59 PM
Several years ago, 62-year old taxi driver Mr Wong Pang Koon's weight dropped from 100kg to 80kg within a month. He was constantly exhausted and thirsty. A health check-up revealed that his kidneys were failing due to his diabetic condition.

Initially, he refused to go for dialysis - needed 3 times a week every alternate day, four hours each time - as he did not want to disrupt his job and lose income. What terrified him most was having to undergo surgery to create a vascular access on his arm, by joining an artery and a vein, to remove and return blood during dialysis.

However, one afternoon changed his life when he suddenly had difficulties breathing and fell into a coma. His toxins rose to dangerous levels. He had no choice but to start dialysis. It took the doctor six tries and 14 months to successfully prepare for the vascular access surgery as his blood vessels were hidden deep among muscle tissues.

He is now thankful that dialysis is keeping him alive. Each session, he relies on an artificial kidney (A.K.) which is a high-flux dialyzer to effectively remove wastes and excess fluids from his body. $100 provides a month's supply of 13 A.K.s which each patient needs.

Your support will benefit needy kidney patients like Pang Koon, and give them the strength to carry on with their life journey.

The National Kidney Foundation is proud to be a partner of Giving Week 2017.

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The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is a non-profit organisation committed to ensuring that no kidney patient is deprived of dialysis, and working closely with the community to fight against kidney failure. As a National organisation, the care we provide goes beyond mere dialysis but also looking after patients' psychosocial and emotional needs, as well as family and societal issues, such that they can get back on their feet and re-integrate into society. Your support will give Life & Hope to kidney patients!


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