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Interact with the animated wildlife of the Malay Peninsula in the 19th century up close, relive the day when Singapore's independence was declared, step into the kitchen of an HDB flat from the 1970s, and watch a film in a drive-in cinema from the 1980s.

Through innovative displays, interactive elements and compelling personal stories, the National Museum allows our visitor to discover more about our history, explore how far we have come, and reconnect with the Singapore story.

The National Museum of Singapore needs your support to keep our space welcoming, engaging and accessible to people from all walks of life through our programmes, festivals and exhibitions.

Make a donation today to preserve our Singapore stories for our current and future generations.

About the Charity

The National Heritage Board's mission is to preserve and celebrate the shared heritage of our diverse communities, for the purpose of education, nation building and cultural understanding. It manages the national museums and heritage institutions, sets policies relating to heritage sites, national monuments, and the national collection. Through the national collection, NHB curates heritage programmes and presents exhibitions to connect the past, present, and future generations of Singapore. We need your support in order to grow and sustain our efforts in conserving our heritage and culture.

For more information on the full scope of NHB's work, https://www.nhb.gov.sg/

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Pride in our past, Legacy for our Future.


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