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ends 13 Dec 2022, 11:59 PM
Have you imagined yourself without having a bath for months or years?

Mrs C faced this challenge 2 years ago when her husband and breadwinner suffered a brain stroke and became bedridden. Unable to sit upright due to his brain injuries, Mr C was restricted to his bed. Like many other bedbound elderly, Mr C could only receive wipe-down cleaning, sponge or powder baths from his caregiver.

This is where the GoodLife! HomeBathing team comes into the picture. Established in December 2018, the team helps to bathe bedbound elderly like Mr C on a regular basis. Beyond hygiene, this arrangement has restored dignity and brought comfort to Mr C, who loved frequent showers during his abled days.

Currently, Montfort Care is heavily absorbing the cost of this service. The cost of each bath is $240 - every bath takes approximately 2 hours with the combined efforts of a team of 3 staff including a nursing aide. At every moment, the comfort, safety and wellbeing of the bedbound person is prioritized. Families pay a nominal sum per bath depending on their financial situation.

Your gift allows us to continue the HomeBathing service to the bedbound elderly. To find out more on this service, please call 9815 7190.

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Montfort Care is a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional challenges. Our team of social service professionals provide community-based social services to empower lives and strengthen communities. Services offered by Montfort Care include Eldercare Services, Family Services and Specialised Services.


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