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ends 31 Dec 2020, 11:59 PM
What do you do when you are feeling stressed? Do you take a walk, watch a movie, do some window shopping or head to a cafe to have a nice cup of coffee and chit chat with your friends?
But such simple trips out of the house are considered a luxury to Persons living with Dementia (PLD) and their Caregivers (CG).

Oftentimes, PLD and their CG are confined to their homes as they will require additional help once they step outside. PLD face restrains such as mobility issues or difficulties in navigating their way. This results in both PLD and their CG experience constant fear of losing each other; be it getting on or off public transportation, getting to the washroom or simply just buying a meal.

In order to alleviate some of these fears and anxieties, De-adventure (a program under Dementia with Dignity) organises monthly outings co-created with PLD and their CG through weekly discussions. Through De-adventure, PLD and CG get to travel in a group with peers supporting them throughout the outing. Such outings benefit PLD and their CG tremendously as it acts as an informal support network for them, improving both their emotional and mental well-being.

Your generous donation would help to defray the operation cost to organize our monthly outings as well as fund other research and public awareness programmes under our work of Dementia Care. Once again, thank you for supporting our cause!

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