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ends 02 Nov 2022, 11:59 PM
Ben was 10 when he saw his abusive father smash his mother's head into a mirror and continue beating her up. Though already terrified of him, Ben hurled himself at his father and clung on to his leg while trying to protect his mum. It was then that his father turned his attack onto his son - he dragged him into the toilet and attempted to drown his son by pushing his head into a pail of water.

Mum managed to rescue him and escape the flat, and to get a PPO for both herself and Ben against the father, but ever since that night, Ben has become totally withdrawn, speaks little, and hardly plays with his friends. He gets frequent nightmares and refuses to talk about his father.

It is only after months of therapy intervention that Ben is finally able to begin to learn that he is now in a safe space, and to actually share about his experience.

Children like Ben are those who require play and art therapy to begin processing their trauma. Others may be too young to even know how to articulate their trauma.

Your support will help to sponsor some of these children's much needed therapy sessions, that they may begin their journey of healing. Not all wounds are visible but every child's pain should be seen and taken care of.


Big Love CPSC was established under Montfort Care in 2013 to help families with child protection concerns and to empower them with greater functioning and resilience through child-centric, family-focused and community-based support.

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Montfort Care is a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional challenges. Our team of social service professionals provide community-based social services to empower lives and strengthen communities. Services offered by Montfort Care include Eldercare Services, Family Services and Specialised Services.


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