Empower The Migrants Who Empower Us

Migrant workers have made our communities everything they are today. Without our residences, help in the domestic sphere, our office spaces, can you imagine what daily life would look like? These organisations seek to provide relief to migrant workers in distress and advocate for their basic human rights. Surely we can do our little part to extend our generosity to those who have built the country we know and cherish. We can rise to help others and bring the spirit of becoming a City of Good.

Within Singapore, over half of our foreign workforce is made up of 587,000 foreign domestic workers and construction workers here in Singapore. More than 300,000 migrant workers make up Singapore's low-wage workforce. Help safeguard their wellbeing and standard of living, through organisations such as Migrant Workers' Centre, Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME), Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC), HealthServe and Aidha.