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ends 31 Jan 2020, 11:59 PM
The year-end festive season is a special time for many, but it can feel very different for the people we serve. The festive season is an especially challenging time for isolated seniors who live alone and low income families who cannot afford what most parents would do, buy gifts for their children.

Mdm Tan and her husband, Mr Lim, are on our MWS Family Development Programme (FDP). 2 years ago, they owed over $3,000 from items bought on instalment from an appliance store, and more than $1,000 of housing arrears, on top of their utilities, telco, and Town Council debts. Their younger daughter, Fen, suffered from meningitis when she was a baby, leaving her with health issues throughout her young life. The family of 4 survived on Mr Lim's monthly gross salary of $1,800 as a kitchen assistant. The young couple felt like they were drowning in debt, but the bills kept coming.

Today, they have cleared their debts and are finally saving. Mr Lim has also secured a better paying job. For the first time, the family has money left at the end of the month which they faithfully save in the bank. Each dollar saved is matched with $2 from MWS FDP, and they have also picked up some financial planning skills. This Christmas, these parents are finally able to afford gifts for their 2 daughters, Fen, now 4, and Lin, now 7.

Mdm Tan's family was given the reason to celebrate this festive season. The reason is hope.

Your giving can turn helplessness into hope. Thank you for your generosity.

About the Charity

Founded more than 30 years ago in 1981 and registered as an Institution of a Public Character, Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) is a multi-service organisation that manages 20 centres and outreach programmes across Singapore.

We serve people in need regardless of their race and religion. Our critical services support low-income and/or distressed families, children from low-income families, at-risk youths, the destitute, sick and/or frail elderly, and the socially isolated.

We enable all to have life to the full by reducing poverty, alleviating the strains and stresses of modern life, helping the elderly to age in place and live with dignity, nurturing the potential of disadvantaged children and rehabilitating at-risk youths.


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