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Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our $30,000 stretch target to ensure Mercy Relief can continue relief efforts on the ground and invest in Disaster Risk Reduction programmes.

In the early morning of 7 December 2016 a 6.4m earthquake shook Aceh Province in Indonesia. more than 91,000 people remain displaced, about 800 injured and unfortunately 103 casualties have been confirmed*.

Mercy Relief is in Pidie Jaya assessing the needs on the ground. Our team has improved community kitchens providing more nutritious meals to those affected and offering medical supplies and services to local communities.

Help us empower the survivors in Aceh and build more resilient communities, ready to come out of any tragedy stronger and unconquered.

For more updates on Mercy Relief's journey in empowering Aceh, follow us at our Facebook page:
We will also be sharing Impact Reports with all our donors, at the 2nd, 6th and 12th month mark.

*Statistics provided by AHA Centre and updated 19 Dec 2016 at 1:00PM
** Please note that all donations for foreign charitable causes are not eligible for tax deduction.
***In the event that sufficient funds are raised to address immediate needs on the ground, Mercy Relief will direct excess funding to Disaster Risk Reduction programmes in Aceh. These preparedness programmes can save lives by empowering communities with the knowledge and tools to overcome the next disaster.

About NPO

Headquartered in Singapore, Mercy Relief was established in 2003 to respond to human tragedies and disasters in Asia Pacific. Today, we are a leading independent disaster relief agency in the region with dedicated leadership, capacity building expertise and an affiliate network operating across the entire disaster management cycle. Mercy Relief provides emergency aid within 72 hours of an appeal in the aftermath of a disaster. Our longer-term sustainable development projects aim to uplift and empower communities in five key areas: water and sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and education. For the past decade, Mercy Relief has responded to more than 56 human tragedies with more than $32.5 million in relief across 24 countries. We have implemented more than 50 sustainable development initiatives and impacted an aggregate of over 2 million lives.

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