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ends 22 Oct 2017, 11:59 PM
Feared to be one of the worst regional humanitarian crises in years, the South Asia Floods have affected almost 45 million people and left more than 1,288 dead.

In response to the escalating situation, Mercy Relief is launching a multi-country relief effort to reach out to survivors in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

With food shortages & water borne diseases on the rise, Mercy Relief will be distributing much needed supplies to help meet the needs of those impacted by the disaster.

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Below is one of the many survivor stories from the ground.

Mr. Klaipeda Roy (48) is a farmer in the North Gopalpur Village in Bangladesh. Although the floods partially collapsed his home, he managed to elevate his rice seeds before the water rushed in. Luckily his seeds remained dry and ready to plant once the flood waters subside, however, not all farmers were so fortunate. Many villagers rely on their rice harvests to sustain their livelihood but due to the damage of over 600,000 hectares of land by the floods, they will need to obtain new seedlings and plant their fields from scratch.

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*Statistics provided by UNICEF as of 2 September 2017.
** Please note that all donations for foreign charitable causes are not eligible for tax deduction.

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Headquartered in Singapore, Mercy Relief was established in 2003 to respond to human tragedies and disasters in Asia Pacific.Today, we are a leading independent disaster relief agency in the region with dedicated leadership, capacity building expertise and an affiliate network operating across the entire disaster management cycle. Mercy Relief provides emergency aid within 72 hours of an appeal in the aftermath of a disaster. Our longer-term sustainable development projects aim to uplift and empower communities in five key areas: water and sanitation, shelter, sustainable livelihoods, healthcare and education. For the 15 years, Mercy Relief has responded to 71 human tragedies with more than $34.3 million in relief across 25 countries. We have implemented more than 50 sustainable development initiatives and impacted an aggregate of over 2 million lives.


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