Nisha (21) has been battling depression for nearly ten years. Most nights, the voices in her head take the front seat and control her life. That’s when suicide doesn’t seem like “giving up”, but “giving in”. But with time, patience and some  professional help, she’s finding her way back on her feet again. 

1 in 5 youth will face at least one mental health problem before they reach adulthood*. Many of us will know someone who is suffering from a mental illness. There is a high level of stigma surrounding mental illness, and many of these misconceptions stem from ignorance, fear and misunderstanding.

There’s a lot we can do to end the stigma. You can start by supporting these organisations who work tirelessly to help those fighting mental illnesses – from running suicide prevention hotlines to providing counselling services and therapy.


Institute of Mental Health’s Study on Mental Health Literacy (2015) | *CHAT's Resource Library for Youths