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MCYC has been helping at-risk youths and children with learning difficulties since June 2008. Many of them are from low-income, single-parent, dysfunctional or even broken families which results them being at a disadvantaged position, be it in schools and society.

In fact, not every child is able to stay in a safe and loving home. Some children may be abandoned, neglected or abused.

No matter where you are, join us in making a difference in these youths and children. You can change a Child's life.

*All local donations qualify for 2.5 times tax exemption.

About the Charity

MCYC Community Services Society is a voluntary welfare organisation that helps children and youths, parents and families through the provision of relevant and quality community and welfare programmes and services. These include after-school care, psychological services, tuition, educational and literacy skills programmes, counselling, school-based social work, youth preventive, developmental and remedial programmes, foster parenting work and other services for families. Our passion and goal is to empower these children and youths within our community to nurture and develop their potential.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

Children & Youth

Teo Christian, Contact Person