MCYC Flag Day 2017

by MCYC Community Services Society


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ends 06 May 2017, 11:59 PM

Wanna do your part for charity? Contribute to our MCYC Flag Day 2017, which happens on Saturday, 6th of May!

The funds raised will benefit the needy children, youths and their families through the programmes and services that we organise for them.

How Your Donations Help

Your $100 donation (1 tin) will pay for one tea break for 180 students in our Student Care Centres.

Your $500 donation (5 tins) will contribute towards providing a month of meals for a child in [email protected] (HSH). HSH is a therapeutic group home that helps children with severe behavioural problems, complex trauma and attachment issues.

Your $1000 (10 tins) will fund two months of transport for the Social Worker to bring one foster child to meet with his/her natural parents, and attend intervention programmes and services. Children are placed in foster care when they are no longer able to stay safely with their own natural families. Foster homes provide these children with the care that helps them heal and grow.

Your $2000 (20 tins) will cover a child's lessons at iPEAK for six months. iPEAK (Intervention and Psycho-Educational Assessment for Kids) provides programmes which help students with developmental and behavioural problems to improve, cope and remain in mainstream schools.

Visit our website,, for more information on our programmes and services.

Alternatively, if you would like to volunteer with us, you may do so at:

About NPO

MCYC is a voluntary welfare organisation that serve children, youth, parents and families through the provision of relevant and quality community and welfare programmes and services. These include after-school care, psychological services, tuition, educational and literacy skills programmes, counselling, school-based social work, youth preventive, developmental and remedial programmes, foster parenting work and other services for families.

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