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In 1948, the Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM) was established with a core mission to maximise youth potential for the benefit of the community. From its humble beginning as a small group of passionate individuals providing educational support by offering tuitions to children and cultural activities for youths in kampungs, 4PM has transformed into an organisation that focuses on uplifting the educational status of the community as well as shaping our youths.

Our Programmes

Project bITE is a youth developmental programme for ITE students which consists of GEMS, FRENZ Mentoring and BESTARI Award.

School Social Work offers a support programme to engage youth who are at risk of dropping out of school, as well as out-of-school youth. It also offers a group-based skill training programme specially designed for parents/guardian.

Remaja Resilien (R2), is a youth developmental programme for disengaged youth through sports and arts.

Ramadan On Wheels (ROW) is a volunteer driven initiative aimed at providing assistance to elderly in need and low income families who are struggling to make their ends meet.

Akademi Bahas aims to promote the usage of standard Malay Language, preserving its prestige and relevance as the lingua franca within the region.

Community Engagement aims to create a sustainable ecosystem of training and development of 4PM volunteers . It also provides platforms to advocate youth interests and promote youth-centered voices .
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