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In 1948, the Persatuan Persuratan Pemuda Pemudi Melayu (abbreviated as 4PM) or Malay Youth Literary Association was established with a core mission to maximise youth potential for the benefit of the community.

From its humble beginnings as a small group of passionate individuals providing educational support by offering tuitions to children and cultural activities for youths in kampungs, 4PM has transformed into an organisation that focuses on uplifting the educational status of the community and investing in the young- moulding and shaping the lives of youth as well as supporting the community's social and welfare needs.

Since its inception, 4PM stays true to its mission, "Unite & Serve", rallying individuals in a spirit of cooperation, united with a common purpose for the betterment of the community.

Our Programmes

1) Bestari ITE or also know as Project bITE focuses on empowering youth through comprehensive and wide range developmental programmes, skill and leadership training as well as mentoring for ITE students.

2) Ramadan on Wheels (ROW) , guided by 5 strategic thrusts: connecting to the community, assisting the needy, reaching out to others, empowering and supporting relationship for a greater success. ROW comprises of family bonding activities, provision of skills training for families and children, provision of food vouchers, home makeover and befriending.

3) Akademi Bahas focuses on preserving the art of debate and uplifting the standard of Malay Language - since 1952, 4PM continues to play an important role in uplifting the standard of literature especially among our young as well as maintaining the cultural roots of the Malay Community. 4PM organises activities throughout the year: Adjucator workshops, Debate workshops, Debate competitions for Secondary School and Tertiary Institution and Bahas Muhibah.

4) Community Engagement Committee (CEC) focuses on creating a sustainable ecosystem of training and development of volunteers. It provides platform to advocate youth interest and promote youth-centred voices and series volunteers engagement that include Focus Group Discussion, dialogue, gathering and exchange programme.

4) Early childhood education - 4PM opened its first Kindergarten in 1964. Since 2018, 4PM offers a full day childcare services.
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