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About Us

Majulah. It's the call to action of an entire nation. A nation full of hope. A nation filled with dreams.

It's a call for change - beginning with ourselves and extending to the world.

At Majulah Community (, we believe that every single youth deserves a platform to make a positive difference in the world. But this isn't something we could ever do alone! We want to work with changemakers, families, teachers, fellow non-profits...if you believe in the power of change (while having a lot of fun along the way), you are a part of the majulah community.

And together, let's continue to change the world. Let's continue to majulah.

Our Programmes

Be. Make. Lead.

To change the world, we must first change ourselves. Majulah's programmes focus on different stages of the changemaker's journey - from self-discovery (be.majulah), volunteering and developing your own skills (make.majulah) and driving change through your own initiatives (lead.majulah).

If your would like to volunteer with us, register at
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Majulah Community

Majulah Community

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