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ends 02 Sep 2019, 11:59 PM
Everyone has the innate longing to connect and contribute. For families who are struggling financially, they often experience a disconnect with their family members, community and the society. With their limited means coupled with school and employment issues, they often do not feel included in the society. What they need is opportunities; Opportunities that can propel them to improve their lot in lives as well as opportunities for them to contribute their knowledge and skills.

Project Lift aims to build connectedness within and amongst lower-income families to journey towards upward mobility through employment, education and assets creation. A 3-year programme commencing in July 2019, LCCS partners with the families, together with YMCA and e2i to enable these families to work towards better employment for the adults, better academic performance for the children and most importantly better relationships amongst family members.

Families in this project will also have the opportunity to work towards increased in savings through the savings matching component. Families are encouraged to be the cheer squads for each other to build connectedness and mutual reciprocity. Connectedness and reciprocity are built on the foundation of empathy through engagement. Families leverage on the project to empower each other to foster personal autonomy and collaboration by contributing personal strengths including networks and skills to advance community success.

About the Charity

Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) established since 2002, is a non-profit, charitable organisation with an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status and an affiliated partner of the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP).

LCCS has been actively engaging and empowering individuals and families, to build and sustain relationships. Focusing on Restorative Practices, LCCS has served families, schools, institutes, residential homes and various organisations to restore relationships that have been harmed.

Our Vision: All individuals engaged to build and sustain healthy relationships

Our Mission: To drive a restorative movement to break the cycle of hurt and build connected communities of empowered individuals.


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