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ends 31 Jan 2020, 11:59 PM
Christmas is the season where we commemorate how Christ came to Earth to build the bridge between God and mankind. Embodying the Christmas spirit, the work that LCCS does is encompassed in 'A Restorative Movement to Break the Hurt Cycle'.

In our work with schools, we use restorative conferencing as an intervention technique to address situations where students have committed crimes or exhibited other disciplinary issues. In one of our cases, Boris (pseudonym), a 10-year old boy was consistently identified as the troublemaker in his class. He would often hurl vulgarities at classmates and threaten to punch others if they were not compliant to his requests. All this continued even to a point where he forced another schoolmate to steal a wallet on the floor. Boris had become hopeless about his situation but LCCS staff ran a circle to support him and allow him to admit his wrongs. Through this, Boris gained the courage to admit to the circle that he had done wrong and was willing to change.

Through your generous giving, LCCS can continue our work of building connected communities by breaking the hurt cycle. Make this year's Christmas count by creating change and impacting lives. Sign up now to donate now via credit card. All donations are 2.5 times tax deductible.

About the Charity

Established since 2002 to serve youths, families, prisons, homes and institutions, and the community.

LCCS reaches out to at-risk children and families through facilitating restorative experiences of relationships that leads to beneficiaries changing their stories of relationships with each other that is life transforming.

LCCS is the only Restorative Practice (RP) Practitioner in Singapore to be accredited by the International Institute for Restorative Practices and provides training and consultancy to support students and family work services


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