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About Us

Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) established since 2002, is a non-profit, charitable organisation with an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status and an affiliated partner of the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRP).

LCCS has been actively engaging and empowering individuals and families, to build and sustain relationships. Focusing on Restorative Practices, LCCS serves families, schools, institutes, residential homes, and various organisations to restore relationships that have been harmed.

Over the past two decades, LCCS has dedicated itself to building, sustaining, and restoring relationships that have been harmed. We address not only the immediate wounds but also the long journey towards recovery. From nurturing emotional healing and closure to rebuilding trust and fostering growth. Every step is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Our Vision: All individuals engaged to build and sustain healthy relationships

Our Mission: To drive a restorative movement to break the cycle of hurt and build connected communities of empowered individuals.

Your contributions will enable LCCS to continue empowering individuals through restorative practices. Donors will also be eligible for a 250% tax deduction with a minimum $10 donation.

Our Programmes

Our restorative Interventions create a safe non-judgemental environment to foster communications and encourage co ownership in decision making, We facilitate the following:
- Peace-making Circles
- Listening Circles
- Restorative Conferences
- Family-Group Decision Making

Our youth & school based programmes empowers the young at risk with resilience and motivation to keep on learning. Our school programmes are:
- Be A Champion
- The Builders Project
- SHARE -With Nature
- We Nurture
- Arts Engagement
- SEL Programmes

Our community programmes build connected communities through LCCS conflict mediation, reintegration and empowerment workshops for identified families or individuals. We equip them with essential life skills and even vocational training for sustainable employment;
- Financial Assistance
- Project Lift ( social work cum vocational upskilling for families)
- Project Restore (community conflict mediation)
- My Journey (community reintegration for youths undergoing RTC)

Our Couples & Family Services assist newly weds, couples and families establish healthy relationship. We conduct:
- Marriage Enrichment Programme
- Couple Mentoring Programme
- Marriage Preparation Programmes
- Restorative Parenting Workshops

Our adoption services ensures a safe and nurturing environment to bond babies and their adoptive families.
- Adoption Home Study Report (HSR)
- Adoptive Parents Support Group
- Restorative Adoption Disclosure Counseling
  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Families
  • Social Service

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