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Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (LHMSC) is a homegrown Social Service Agency (SSA) in Yuhua SMC first set-up in December 2000 to be a one-stop service Centre that serves the community needs. Funded by private sponsors and organisations, LHMSC provides social services to families, elderly residents, and needy people living in the South West District in Singapore. As a community builder, LHMSC establishes mutually beneficial partnerships which allows for the more able to help the less able. These shared experiences help to better the community and also bring people together. In November 2018, LHMSC became the first Volunteer Centre appointed by SG Cares Office, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) to: 1. Build social capital - Recruit, manage, develop and sustain volunteers on a long-term basis. 2. Be social broker - Broker and grow sustained partnerships to more effectively meet local volunteering needs.Our Vision: We make a difference to the lives we touch.Our Mission: We bring people together, for good, by giving purpose and dignity.By the Community, For the Community, With the Community.

Our Programmes

Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre focuses on 3 domains of service:1. Social Outreach: Provide Social Services for the Vulnerable.2. Lifelong learning: Stimulate Lifelong & Lifewide Learning.3. Health & Wellness: Inspire Healthy Living.
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