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About Us

Lions Prostheses Centre Singapore ("LPC") was founded in 2020 by a group of Lions Clubs in Singapore to offer a second chance at life for amputees from poor or underprivileged families to live a full, independent and productive life.

To sponsor needy amputees with prosthetic limbs.

To enhance the mobility of amputees.

To provide free or subsidized prosthetic limbs to low-income amputees to enable them to enjoy a better quality of life by:
1. Being independent of crutches, wheelchairs or other mobility aids.
2. Having a life not hampered by limited mobility.
3. Being able to work and make a living wherever possible.

Our Programmes

Lions Prostheses Centre Singapore ("LPC") was registered with the Singapore Registry of Societies (ROS) in May 2020 (UEN T20SS0073D). A nonprofit Social Service Agency (SSA) approved in January 2023 as a Charity Organisation under the Charities Act 1994.

With FREE prosthetic limbs, these amputees can now go on to live a full, independent and productive life. This is a gift of hope and well-being not only to the amputees but also to their spouses, children and family members who are care-givers. LPC will also offer to service, repair and maintain existing prostheses which are made through our sponsorship.

The sponsored artificial limbs and associated costs are funded from donations raised by its members. Donate to support our beneficiaries NOW!
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