About Campaign

ends 14 Sep 2021, 11:59 PM
This campaign was started to raise awareness on the importance of mental health as well as to normalise the idea of therapy. Especially for youths struggling mentally but are financially unable to seek professional help.

To kick off the fund, we will be working with Limitless - a non-profit organisation founded in 2018, focused on helping youths live out their true potential. Limitless mainly provides a call helpline as well as counselling services. Upon discussion, Queenly, Quinn will be one of their corporate sponsors and any money donated to them will be restricted to the usage of youths under their counselling services. So why them?

Limitless is a youth-focused organisation, which is our fund's main focus as well. We intend to help those unable to qualify for current existing subsidies in Singapore as well as those not in the legal age to use Medisave.

Next, we recognise that Limitless is still a relatively new organisation and would like to support their growth as we feel Singapore still lacks mental health related services. The supply and demand ratio doesn't match up.

Lastly, Limitless not only provides help but also takes initiative in raising awareness about mental health and how it can impact youth through events and outreach programs. Ultimately, their main intent is to bring out the best in youths, which we feel is something we can truly resonate with.

About the Charity

Limitless is a nonprofit organization that was founded with the desire to see every youth given the opportunity to live out their potential.

It provides mental health support and therapy for youths aged 12-25, as well as public education and training for youths, parents, educators, and helping professionals

To end powerlessness caused by poverty, mental illness, & social inequality

By empowering youths, regardless of background, circumstance, or history to fulfill their God given potential

We believe in living for more, living a life worth living
Building hope in the hopeless
Finding worth in the worthless
Choosing to live destiny conscious


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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