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ends 01 Jun 2020, 11:59 PM
Hi there!

We're a nonprofit that works with youths aged 12-25. We're dream seekers; our goal - to help every single one of our beneficiaries reach their God given potential.

We want to end powerlessness in youths caused by mental illness, poverty, and social exclusion.

We help by providing the following services, often free of charge:

- Counselling and casework
- Groupwork and programs
- Street outreach
- Outreach and education through talks, workshops, booths and social media
- Education assistance (eg. Tuition)
- Employment assistance (eg. Internships, apprenticeships, jobs)

We also conduct research to impact policy and inform social workers like ourselves about how to work with young people more effectively.

And we need your help to fuel what we're doing. What you give through this campaign will go into keeping our organisation running, programs, and paying for training and medication for our beneficiaries! Every dollar makes a difference!

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About the Charity

Limitless is a nonprofit organization that was founded with the desire to see every youth given the opportunity to live out their potential. THE GOAL To end powerlessness caused by poverty, mental illness, & social inequality THE VISION We believe in living for more, living a life worth living Building hope in the hopeless Finding worth in the worthless Choosing to live destiny conscious THE MISSION To empower youths, regardless of background, circumstance, or history to fulfill their God given potential


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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