Here at, we want to make giving simple, fun and meaningful for you. You can choose to give with us in so many ways. The possibilities are endless!



As easy as abc. Today, drink a kopi-o instead of a macchiato. Use that amount saved and give it to someone who needs it more than you.

Choose a charity and make a donation. You could make a difference to someone's life in 45 seconds. Yes, it's that quick and easy! Try it yourself



Walk a dog, read to a child, plant some vegetables, the list goes on.

Offer your time and unique skills by checking out the opportunities we have to offer.



Here’s where it gets even more exciting!

On, you can create campaigns to fundraise for the causes or charities you’re passionate about.

Get started with these ideas!



Everyone’s got a birthday, and you can turn the celebration of another year of you into something even more special. Ask your family, friends (and, pssst, maybe followers!) for something a little different than presents and well wishes - donations to your charity of choice, or volunteer support for your fundraising campaign!


Festive Giving

Let’s not forget other mainstay occasions that bring forth the spirit of giving, like weddings, Christmas, Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Puasa. Asking for donations to be made to charity in lieu of gifts, or donating the spoils of your red/green packet haul, is yet another simple but great way to show the love.


Crazy Stuff

For you creative types who like to march to the beat of your own drum, you could do a dare or something adventurous as part of your fundraising campaign. Some crazy campaigns we’ve heard of are a dance marathon, climbing a mountain, and the craziest of all – going a week with no internet. Get friends & family to support your crazy antics by showing love to your chosen cause.

So, Why Give With Us?

  • We’ll be here, even if you forget

    Track your giving journey and see it all just by logging into your account. We’ll keep and maintain all your donation receipts, volunteer records and transactions in one place.

  • You’re safe with us

    We keep your information safe and secure by using a top-of-the-line ISO27001 security certified data centre.

  • On the move

    We’re mobile-responsive, making giving easy to do whilst on the go. Say hello to fast and secure mobile payments!

  • Largest community in Singapore

    With almost 400 non-profits, 90,000 individuals and corporates on (and growing everyday!), you can make educated and inspired giving choices.

  • 100% committed to doing good

    We provide as our service to the community, and don't charge a service fee. That means 100% of your donation goes towards your chosen charity.

Remember, you choose who to support, how to support them, and when inspiration strikes, we’re the platform to kick off your giving dreams and projects!


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