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About Us

Lakeside Family Services provides quality care to disadvantaged and distressed individuals and families in the community through casework and counselling, preventive and developmental programmes, as well as assistance to the needy.

Started in 1993, Lakeside serves children, youths-at-risk, families, the elderly, the incarcerated, ex-offenders and problem gamblers through its two family service centres, one extension centre, and two Student Care Centres. With a vision of changing lives and transforming communities, Lakeside Family Services offers a helping hand regardless of race, language, or religion.

Our Programmes

Programmes offered by Lakeside Family Services:

2. Casework and Counselling

3. Children Services
i. Lakeside Student Care Centres
ii. Early Childhood Programme
iii. Creative Arts Programme (CAP)
iv. Educational and Psychological Services(EPS)

4. 4. Youth Services
i. YARE Youth Venture
ii. YARE Youth Strive
iii. School Social Work (SSW)
iv. Guidance Programme (GP)
v. Streetwise Programme (SWP)
vi. Expedition Agape (EA)
vii. Youth Corps Singapore
5. Adult and Family Life

6. Kaki Kampung Senior Wellness

7. Specialised Services
i. Prisons (TJ Haven)
ii. Problem Gambling Services
  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Families
  • Social Service

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Lakeside Family Services

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