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ends 13 Feb 2022, 11:59 PM
What it means to the recipient of care pack?
It is a bagful of essential items customized to the needs of the recipients but most importantly, it is a pack specially curated to give emotional support to boost the moods and morale assuring them, we care and we are here to help. At the time of delivery, it gives a chance for us to meet the recipients and ask them how they are. It is also, a time to ask if they need assistance.
These are why care packs matter, it is important to remind them that they are not abandoned:
- An elder staying alone by himself, the arrival of a volunteer with the care pack could be his only interaction for days with someone, or someone who care to ask him how he has been.
- The visit itself is significant to some, checking that an elder or a sick is able to answer the door and not suffering from a fall that has gone unnoticed since no one visit him.
- Due to Covid-19 pandemic, many are trapped in their own home as they are not able to go out and interact. A surprise care pack give them a boost to their moods and morale.
- Chronically ill patients are drained by medical expenses and the regular care pack with organic vegetables and wellness products ensure that they still receive enough nutrients in their diet regularly.
Donate $50 for a pack, we are hoping to send out to 660 households before Lunar New Year Feb 2022.

About the Charity

Kampung Senang started with a simple idea 21 years ago: to support those affected by cancer with an array of services to support their journey of healing.

These services include:

The Gift of Good Food Scheme where volunteers make home visits to 2,517 cancer survivors bearing organic fruits and vegetables (which costs up to $20,000 a year). We also distribute Gifts of Wellness (healthy food as festive gifts) to 200 needy families of cancer survivors.

Holistic Support for People Affected by Cancer where our 1,600 members find support in one another, attend healthy lifestyle courses, and access various non-invasive and natural therapies.

Mobility Aids Service & Training Centre, run by 3 staff and a team of volunteers, repairs and refurbishes used mobility equipment such as wheelchairs, commode chairs and hospital beds and loans these equipment to over thousands of families who do not qualify for government subsidies and yet are financially stretched.

Elderly daycare, child care, and student care services are offered at subsidized rates to low-income families.

Public education and outreach programs share knowledge on healthy eating, stress management, achieving wellness through emotional resilience and positive psychology.

We hope to continue spreading the Kampung Senang spirit of a caring and to enhance our services to touch more lives.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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Rodante Leonor, Contact Person