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About Us

Jump Rope Federation Singapore is the sole jump rope / rope skipping organization in Singapore. Our aim is to promote jump rope and encourage people of all ages to pick up the sport.
Since 2010, Jump Rope Federation Singapore has organised many competitions, events and workshops and created many opportunities for young rope jumpers to showcase their talents and potentials.

In 2016, Jump Rope Federation Singapore officially becomes a member of the World Jump Rope Federation(WJRF). We are the only member of the World Jump Rope Federation (WJRF) in Singapore. WJRF is the world governing body of the sport of jump rope. With the guidance and support from WJRF and our Asia Pacific counterparts, Jump Rope Federation Singapore is now ready and equipped with the knowledge, technology and systems from WJRF to elevate the standard of jump rope/rope skipping in Singapore.

Our Programmes

Jump Rope Federation Singapore is providing a wide range of programmes to the public. We have programmes that introduce the basics of jump rope to professional coaching and judging certifications. These programmes are available to the public to sign up or upon request by organisations. We may offer these programmes free of charge or with a request of donation to our federation.
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Mr. Don Lui

Jump Rope Federation Singapore