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About Us

Jazz Association (Singapore) is a registered charity and IPC in Singapore set up to promote the participation, engagement and excellence of Jazz in Singapore. We also aim to nurture youth jazz musicians and position Singapore as a leading jazz city of the world.

Our Goals:

1. Nurturing youth jazz musicians
2. Giving talented jazz musicians in Singapore a platform to perform at higher levels
3. Bringing the joy of jazz music to people from all walks of life through education and free outreach concerts
4. To fly the Singapore flag high and showcase jazz music in Singapore to the rest of the world, promoting Singapore as a leading jazz city of the world

Our Programmes

Jazz Association (Singapore) organises various performances and programmes to achieve these goals:

1. Community Outreach Concerts
Free public concerts to bring the joy of jazz to people in different parts of Singapore.

2. Jazz Appreciation Talks
Educative talks on the rich history and sub-genres of jazz music are conducted to increase understanding and appreciation of jazz.

3. Nurturing Youth Jazz Musicians
Talented and passionate young jazz musicians are given the opportunity to take their musical skills to higher levels. Regular rehearsals in a big band setting and performances help grow youth musicians to their full potential.

4. Overseas Exposure
Through funding and donations, Jazz Association (Singapore) is able to bring our jazz orchestras overseas and fly the Singapore flag high. Overseas exposure of Singapore jazz music helps promote our country as a leading global jazz hub.

To find out more about Jazz Association (Singapore)'s efforts, do get in touch with us through our digital channels.

Our Wish List


  • Arts & Heritage
  • Children & Youth
  • Community
  • Education

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