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About Us

The Muslim Missionary Society Singapore (MMSS), also known as Jamiyah Singapore, serves the social and welfare needs of the community regardless of race or faith. The organisation runs 3 Welfare Homes (Jamiyah Halfway House, Jamiyah Home for the Aged and Jamiyah Nursing Home), 8 Educational and Student Care Centres, Counselling Centre, Free Medical and Legal Clinics, Food Bank, and organises other related projects.

With the establishment of Jamiyah Counselling Centre in 2003, and Jamiyah's Community Outreach and Development Department (CODD) in 2016, Jamiyah Singapore has helped over 7,400 beneficiaries. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, CODD recorded a 12% increase in the number of calls from the public seeking assistance in the uncertain economy. Jamiyah Singapore has also helped those who lost their income during this period such as providing food rations while assessing their future needs. Jamiyah Singapore anticipates more such calls, as the economy continue to recover.

The community has always been, and shall continue to be, at the heart of our service mission, as we continue to look for alternative and more diverse ways to improve the welfare of the community. Help us sustain our existing programmes and put in place new ones through your generous contributions to Jamiyah Singapore today! Every help would go a long way in ensuring that Jamiyah Singapore would continue to support those in need.

Our Programmes

Jamiyah Halfway House focuses on the rehabilitation of drug abusers before they are released and reintegrated back to society.

Jamiyah Home for the Aged is an eldercare and destitute welfare facility for senior care, dementia care, integrated home & daycare and community befriender's programme.

Jamiyah Nursing Home caters to the holistic care of the residents such as health and well-being, daily living skills, intellectual and creative, psycho-social, cultural & spiritual, skills learning and employment.

Educational and Student Care Centres include kindergarten, childcare and after-school care.

FoodBank aims to provide nutritious and healthy food and dry rations that meet the needs of our beneficiaries eg staples like rice, milk, seasonal food like dates.

Jamiyah Singapore's Community Outreach and Development Department (CODD) offers a wide range of counselling and educational services to those in need.

Jamiyah Medical & Legal Clinics, run by volunteer doctors/nurses and lawyers, offer free medical and legal services to the less advantaged section of the community.

Our Wish List


Rice (2 x 5kg)

Bee Hoon (1 x 3kg or 4x 400gm)

Oil (1 x 2L or 2 x 1L)

Sardines (2 x 425gm)

Canned Veg (2 x 425gm)

Maggie (2 of 5x79gm)

Cereal Oats (1 x 700gm)

Milo/Teo/Coffee (1 of 15x 25gm)

Condensed Mlik (1 x 380gm)

Biscuits (1 x 700gm or 2x100-500gm)

Plain Flour

Biscuits (assorted flavors)

Chili & Tomato Sauces

Oyster Sauce

Light & Dark Soy Sauce

Chicken Nuggets


French Fries

Instant Prata

Tea (sachets, not powdered)

Coffee (3in 1/ Kopi O/bottled)

Sweet Soy sauce

Maggi Cubes Ikan Bilis & Chicken HCS 6x10g


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