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ends 15 Aug 2018, 11:59 PM
The Mobius Fund is a dedicated loan fund that provides crucial financial support for actor students at ITI. It ensures that talented young actors can afford to pursue ITI's unique training without worrying about making ends meet.

Actors like TZ, who had to give up acting studies once before, as a 19-year-old, when she ran out of funds and had to start earning to contribute to her family. Now, she is determined to complete her theatre training at ITI, to make playback theatre which addresses community issues.

With access to the Mobius Fund, she and others can achieve their dreams - without crippling financial challenges holding them back.

Your donation to the Mobius Fund can make a difference. Give now to support ITI students in pursuing their dreams.

Your generosity will also help more students in future. As students repay their loans after graduation, the money is lent out again to other students who need help.

As an Institution of Public Character (IPC), donations to ITI are eligible for 250% tax exemption, and dollar-to-dollar matching by the government's Cultural Matching Fund.

In 2018, the overall fundraising target for the Mobius Fund is SGD 30,000.

Besides online donations on Giving.sg, we have received SGD 4,733 from other sources, including iti.give.asia/mobiusfund.

The Mobius Fund was launched in August 2017 with an initial capitalisation of $500,000. It received its kickstart from four lead donors: Leonardo Drago, Pierre Lorinet, Benson Puah and BinjaiTree.

About the Charity

ITI is an independent theatre school for contemporary artists, conceived as a unique and unprecedented enterprise in theatre training, cultural interaction, and human understanding. ITI and its Acting Programme began as the Theatre Training & Research Programme (TTRP), established in 2000 by renowned dramatist Kuo Pao Kun (1939-2002) and current Director, T. Sasitharan.

ITI is founded on the belief that theatre would have little meaning if it is not connected to life and society. It must make a difference and have a social impact. Its Professional Diploma in Intercultural Theatre (Acting) features an intercultural learning methodology, set to rigorous standards, to develop skills in performance and original theatre-making. Through this, ITI aims to train socially engaged artists who will contribute meaningfully to their cultures and communities, at the same time are capable of working across cultural, linguistic, social and national boundaries.

The institute is a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character, and more than 60% of its income has to come from fundraising. Your donations will make a critical difference and support ITI in its seminal work. For more information on specific fundraising programmes like the Mobius Fund, National Flags Scholarships, please visit our website.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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