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The absence of parental figure. Loss of care and trust. Strained family ties. Feelings of shame and abandonment. Social stigma.

"For someone like me, what future is there for me? Nobody cares."

These came from the realities of the children of reformed offenders. When an individual goes to prison, he or she is not the only one affected. Their family members suffer greatly in many ways too, especially the children. Studies have shown that due to the various factors and negative exposures, there is a higher likelihood for them to follow their parent's missteps and commit crimes, a phenomenon known as intergenerational offending.

Through the Fairy Godparent Programme, we reach out to these children from low-income families via various academic and pro-social initiatives (see image 3 for list) throughout their growing up years. When COVID-19 hits, we had to step up and go virtual to continue engaging these children because we know that this is the time the families require support the most, with the pandemic aggravating their already challenging situation.

With your donation, we can make a difference in these young lives together and provide them with access to opportunities so that they can chart their own paths in life.

About the Charity

The ISCOS ReGen Fund is a registered charity that supports children and families of reformed offenders as well as the reformed offenders in rebuilding their lives. The charity is an approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC) since 15 March 2019.

Through the Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP), various initiatives are rolled out to empower the children with the opportunity of a complete education and the skills required to be employable and financially independent in future. FGP is designed with the main objective of preventing intergenerational offending.


Fundraising can help to raise more and change more lives.

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