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About Us

The mission and objectives of the Charity are to -

(a) provide a caring and supportive environment conducive to the balanced growth and personal formation of children, young persons and youth at risk to help them grow into responsible individuals, well equipped for life, with a capacity to contribute to society; and

(b) ensure that the Catholic character and charism distinctive of the Infant Jesus Sisters are preserved and developed, while children, young persons and youth under our care are provided with a holistic education, to assist them in developing their full potential. The essence of such character and charism is embodied in the principles of (i) Truth, (ii) Justice, (iii) Freedom, and (iv) Love.

The Charity offers -

1. transitional shelter for children, young persons and youth in need of protection and care;

2. a safe and caring formative experience for children, young persons and youth through the different programmes and services offered;

3. children, young persons and youth the practical and emotional support they may need to help them grow, and to provide opportunities for their social, moral and spiritual development;

4. financial assistance and support to families in need; and

5. a cohesive environment for children, young persons and youth to practise inclusiveness regardless of backgrounds, whilst maintaining a mutual respect for one another, and nurturing an appreciation of family, community and society.

Our Programmes

Main Programmes :
- Student Care
- IJ Market Place (grocery packs)
- Education Programme Bursary Award
- Youth Club

Supporting programmes :
- Enrichment programmes
- School Holiday programmes
- Saturday Programme
  • Children & Youth
  • Education
  • Families
  • Social Service

Sr Elizabeth Moey

Infant Jesus Homes & Children's Centres

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